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Backroom service



What “Backroom Service” can do for you!


· Do you have to do your payroll yourself?

· Do you have to do your invoicing?

· Do you have to do your bill paying?

· Do you have to do all of your hiring functions?

· Do you have someone you can talk to about the direction of your business in confidence?

At Christmas you may have turned on your TV to watch “A Christmas Carol.”  Sitting on a high stool was Bob Cratchet working his normal twelve hour day for his employer.  Did you look at him and wish that you had employees that would work like that?

Times have changed.  People have changed.  Employee attitudes toward the work place have changed.  But, you still have to get your business done.  So there you are after hours and on weekends because you can’t find anyone else to do the job, at least not the same way twice, and wishing Bob was working for you.

Well, maybe there is a solution to your problem.  To your right is a column entitled “What do you need?”   Take a moment to look at the column and check off the area of your business that you wish Bob worked in and then call us.

Why would you turn over “mission critical” parts of your business to someone outside your operation?  Because Bob is not working for you!  What BACKROOM SERVICE offers you is an opportunity to get work done by someone like Bob at an affordable price.  BACKROOM SERVICE is more than just doing the accounting functions.  But we need to talk in order to determine what works best for you. 

This is not for everyone but it may be for you.  Give us a call

925-829-5699– ask for Tom, or Kim, Placerville 925-913-1352


¨         A high volume service business was getting swamped with new business and couldn’t keep up with invoicing.  We took over that function and cut by half the length of time they had to wait to get paid.

¨         Several people who used national payroll services came to us because of the errors and inflexibility of the companies.

¨         People with nationally know accounting software came to us because they couldn’t get the information they wanted from the system.

¨         Find your need and we will try to fill it for you.


San Francisco BAY AREA 800-8200-CPA

Placersville office 925-918-1352



à          Payroll service and tax returns

à          Invoicing and Accounts Receivable statements

à          Collection

à          Bill paying and expense tracking

à          Special project(s)

à          Employee replacement

à          Temporary Service